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The personal data we receive and collect The WoG Team also automatically collects and retrieves some of your information From a computer or mobile device, including activities Which you perform on our website, platforms and applications, On the type of hardware and software you use (For example, your operating system or browser) and cookies - from files Information received. For example, every time you visit a website or Otherwise you use the Services, we will automatically collect your IP Address, browser and device type, at access time, from web page, Where you came from, the regions from which you are navigating the website etc. Web page to enter your page (if needed). When you first sign up for a WoG Team account and when Using the services, we collect a few personal Information about you, such as: • Geographic area where you use your computer and mobile Devices • Your full name, first name, email address and other contact details • Unique WoG user ID (alphanumeric string) that Will be registered upon registration Updated Website 4/5/2021 / Our Site Collects Ads GooGle Ads All rights reserved 2017-2021 Website New rules apply from 5/5/2021

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